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Active Romance for Lasting Love – a BIG Hit!

One of our most popular courses became a big hit in the military in 2020 when, because of covid 19 shut-downs, they stepped out of their comfort zones to try something new.
August 6, 2021
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Preparing for Home – First Responders re: COVID-19

Being a First Responder during the COVID-19 pandemic can mean almost any gruesome and/or challenging responsibility.
August 6, 2021

Active Families Programs

ARC is proud to announce the release of its newest curriculum, Active Families. Active Families is designed to keep the entire family in the same room while learning about healthy life and relationships skills. Whether it is whole families, fathers and children, mothers and children, or caregivers and children, Active Families is something the entire family will enjoy. Not only
May 14, 2021