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Active Romance for Lasting Love – a BIG Hit!

One of our most popular courses became a big hit in the military in 2020 when, because of covid 19 shut-downs, they stepped out of their comfort zones to try something new. A favorite course among our facilitators for a long time, we were excited to pilot our virtual Active Romance program with the U.S. Air Guard. The attendees of the pilot responded “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Previous audiences were concerned this course might not be “main-stream” enough for the military, but the pilot was able to demonstrate just how mainstream it is. After all, feelings of intimacy (or lack of them) are at the heart of a couple’s relationship and yet are often the least discussed, acknowledged or fostered through knowledge, understanding, compassion or skills.

If communication skills are generally considered important to relationship wellness, just how important is communicating kindly, compassionately and with awareness about romance?

How is this course presented so that it bridges the gap between awkwardness and having a great experience? The answer, we take a light-hearted path through some interesting topics and we allow our audiences time to look at their ways of thinking, what they learned growing up, what is going well, and what they’d like to improve. We even explore, with humor, some topics not often talked about. And we do all of this through a variety of fun and sometimes hilarious activities as well as via some more quiet, thoughtful ones.

We are thrilled that this course is helping families grow in love and closeness because we know that means a long-term benefit to families. We are thrilled to say that Active Romance for Lasting Love is rapidly becoming our most popular program. Please call us if you would like to be certified or attend upcoming trainings!