Term 1

Course: AMLRS Mastery Series

Courses are complete for Term 1.

Term 2

Course: AMLRS Mastery Series

Courses are complete for Term 2.

Term 3

Course: AMLRS Mastery Series

Description: 2.5 day training. M-W Zoom course Nov 16-18 0900 – 1700 CST. For Individuals or Couples. Builds key relationship skills.

Dates: 16-18 November (Tentative)

Contact Info: Active Relationships Center- 214.369.5717

Price: $1170/person

November 19-20, 2020 (Tentative)

Online Facilitator Certification Training: “Active Romance for Lasting Love”

FOR YOU: IF you want to become a “Active Romance for Lasting Love” Certified Facilitator This course is for use in the Air National Guard & Army National Guard, but is open to civilians and military service personnel who want to lead online courses to any constituency. Active Romance for Lasting Love online live-event is through ZOOM.  (*Please verify as needed, that ZOOM is an approved platform before registering.)


Active Romance for Lasting Love  – Two 6.5-hour online sessions (30-minute meal break incl)

DATES:November 19-20 (Tentative)
(attendance is required both days to become certified)

TIME: November: 0900 – 1700 CST

COST: $950

Description: This is an evidence-based (by Baylor University) course that has been utilized by military, state and federal agencies and by faith-based organizations. It is a light-hearted path through important topics to assist couples in building or maintaining closeness, compassion, understanding and increased enthusiasm for one another.

Other requirements: By attending the “Active Romance for Lasting Love” Certification Training” webinar you are agreeing to protect copyright material and you are agreeing that if you choose to facilitate the Mastery Series of courses, you will be responsible for purchasing one manual per participant individual or one manual per participant couple per block from ARC prior to the onset of your event as you have always done (cost: $48/ couple or $40/couple if ordering 60 or more at a time)

Cost of online Participant  Manuals $48 /couple (Required if you facilitate courses) or $40/couple if ordering 60 or more at a time. 

One PARTICIPANT MANUAL per participant-couple is a required purchase from Active Relationships Center, LLC prior to the onset of any of the three courses of the Mastery Series that you facilitate.