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Our faith-based programs are used by Christian organizations and ministries across the globe.

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ARC Christian relationships programs are used by the U.S. military chaplaincy and in churches, Christian schools and in faith based and community organizations. Authored by Kelly Simpson and her brother, Mike Simpson, ARC’s Christian Relationship Skills programs include selected scripture to highlight, emphasize and explain how the tools and techniques can be used to develop and enhance relationships, while keeping Christian beliefs as a core value.

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Christian Relationships Skills Curricula for Youth

Active Relationships for Young Adults – A.R.Y.A

For youth to become well-adjusted adults, they need guidance and practice. Many youth fail to learn how to effectively and safely deal with challenging emotions including stress and anger. ARYA is designed to simplify life’s difficulties by providing effective tools and knowledge (based on and supported with scripture) to guide and reinforce important values and principles, while keeping faith central to their lives and guiding relationships. There are optional opening prayers for each module. For more information about ARYA, see our Schools & Youth page.

Schools & Youth

In conjunction with Ms. Simpson, the ARYA course books were co-authored by Amanda Weatherby and Ben Stimmel, both graduates of Fuller Theological Seminary. Ms. Weatherby holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and Mr. Stimmel has worked as a therapist for children and families at an urban community mental health center.

Christian Relationship Skills Curricula for Adults

Active Christian Choices

This class is intended for individuals, dating or engaged couples who want to enhance relationship skills and increase skills for wise choices in romance and commitments.

Active Christian Adults

Active Christian Adults, for Individual Adults, includes 12 units, each with two sessions. It is written from a Christian lens and includes Biblical references that support key concepts.

Active Christian Communication

This course is intended for couples at any stage of their relationship seeking to build great communication, conflict resolution skills, and foster successful and positive attitudes.

Active Christian Romance

This curriculum takes a healthy look at romance while allowing a safe format to discuss preferences, beliefs and attitudes.

Christian Curricula for Military

Active Christian Military Life and Resiliency Skills

ACML&RS is a flexible, modular resilience and readiness course with topics that can be mixed and matched during presentations. It contains activities for groups of single members or unaccompanied military members, and for spouses. ACML&RS is also utilized widely for military couples and is an approved program by the Army's Office of Chief of Chaplains for its Strong Bonds mission to build strong military families.