Head Start and Active Families, A Powerful Combination

Active Relationships Center is proud to have been working with Head Start organizations for over 15 years. ARC knows that a better society begins with our nation’s children, and children’s well-being depends on the principles, life skills, happiness and support of their parents. It is for that reason that we have several programs, including one just for Head Start parents. We also have a program for entire families (ages 3+) who want to learn together. For Head Start references, feel free to call us!

Head Start and Active Families are a powerful combination, using an experiential evidence program with interactive lessons and games that allow caregivers and their children to have fun and learn at the same time. It is a flexible program where presenters/teachers can teach the lessons or use video as their co-presenter. Parent and caregivers involvement is always welcomed.

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Learning for Parents and Caregivers

ARC’s curricula, such as Active Adults and Active Families, help parents and caregivers learn important information to help them stay connected with their children.

Active Adults

The first option is an adults-only class that teaches how to read and respond according to various communication styles and teaches skills for communication, compassion, forgiveness, resolving issues respectfully and even teaches skills for having fun! This class is called Active Adults and it will equip parents and caregivers with the skills to foster strong, healthy relationships. The program emphasizes the importance of integrity and stability to create a positive environment for both parents and children. Active Adults is available with a companion book Especially for Fathers. Tell our office when you order that yours is a class for dads, and we’ll include Especially for Fathers at no additional charge! 

Active Families

The second option, Active Families, involves Moms, Dads or caregivers and children age three and up TOGETHER in class! There is lots of learning, games, and building great memories and strong connections. The Active Families program is a great way to build a better, more meaningful relationship between parents and their children, with parents adding tools to their life skills set and practicing new methods that help create and maintain better, more supportive relationships.

The materials provided are strong tools to enhance a couple’s life and influence their children...I plan to use these skills on a daily basis.
It was a wonderful experience. I learned so much more than I expected. I will use my new knowledge to help with future goals... Extremely helpful and family-oriented.
Everything that was taught was done in an easy to absorb manner...These skills will be passed down to our children.

Spanish Head Start

Each year, thousands of children benefit from Head Start programs across the United States. Children learn and develop the early skills they need to be successful in areas like reading and math. Active Relationships Center is committed to supporting families and the diverse populations that utilize Head Start programs. We have several programs that have been translated into Spanish and have been used successfully by the Hispanic community across the United States.
Adultos Activos (Active Adults) is a program that can be utilized with parents who have one or more of their children enrolled in Head Start programs.
Familias Activas (Active Families) is a program to be used with the entire family! It is a great way to engage parents and children while learning new life skills, playing games, and enjoying family bonding activities.