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ARC is always excited to work alongside FATHERS building fantastic relationships with their children. Our goal is to assist FATHERS in building strong bonds while guiding their children with emotion management and excellent communication and resolution skills through play and enjoyable time together.


Active Relationships is honored to have served fathers with skills and tools since 2003. The tools and skills fathers have received include communication skills, positive thinking, skills for enhanced confidence and belief in self. Other skills that promote excellence in single parenting and co-parenting include skills that build diplomacy, management of emotional triggers and wise decisions for successful results.

Our work with dads includes fathers in Head Start and state and federal agencies, as well as in faith-based settings, incarcerated settings and co-parenting settings. The most often utilized program for fathers (a program for adults only) is “Active Adults and Especially for Fathers. ”

Perhaps you have seen or learned of ARC programs for fathers through Dr. Herschel Swinger’s Fatherhood Conference in Los Angeles, California, the National Fatherhood Initiative, the Fathers and Families Coalition of America, the Association for Marriage and Family Ministries, or the Hispanic Active Relationships Project (HARP), in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

ARC programs include exciting new work with fathers and their children TOGETHER in our “Active Families” program where dads and children (ages 3 and up) learn the skills together with other dads and children for fun, bonding times – like a day at the circus.!

In addition to our civilian programs for fathers we are honored to work with military fathers through our “Active Military Families” program and with Spanish-speaking dads through our culturally appropriate programs in Spanish “Adultos Activos” (for adults only) and “Familias Activas” (for fathers and children together!).

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Hosting a Training at Your Site

Bringing an Active Relationships Master Trainer to your organization is easy! We offer a variety of different trainings, including retreats and professional certification trainings. Simply call ARC’s main office, tell us what training you are interested in having at your site and ask for a proposal. We are happy to offer a variety of different types of trainings, retreats, and a combination of both.

The following are options that are commonly requested:

  • 2-Day Couples or Singles Retreats
  • 3-Day Couples or Singles Retreats
  • 3-Day Professional Certification Training
  • 7-Day Combination: Professional Certification plus a Couples or Singles Retreat

*Scheduling multiple retreats or professional trainings may be eligible for discounted rates.

Distance Education

If you are unable to bring Active Relationships to your site, distance education may be for you. One Certification Out of a Box (COOB) can be used to train up to ten members of your staff and is extremely cost effective for those on a tight budget (please contact our main office for details on coaching protocols and limitations to this agreement). Professional Training Kits for each curriculum contain:

  • One Leader’s Guide for self-study
  • One Participant’s Book per trainee
  • One PowerPoint CD
  • Training Assessment to complete for certification

Each person trained through the DVD series must complete and submit a certification essay to ARC within a prescribed time window. Upon receipt of the essays your staff submits, an ARC Master Trainer will contact you to schedule a coaching call for your team. Once this process is completed, ARC will send Facilitators their certificates of completion and they will be immediately eligible to purchase participant materials and begin presenting classes.

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Simply email us or call ARC’s main office at 877.724.7789 and let us know what training you are interested in having at your site and ask for a proposal.

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Life Success

The involvement of fathers is critical to the healthy development of their children! Our programs help fathers learn to handle stress, anger, conflicts, and more in a healthy, considerate way. Through this achievement, fathers will be more adept at handling difficult situations, which ultimately is a great step forward in regards to the health of and relationship with their children.

Programs we offer include Active Adults, for personal growth to be a more adaptable and understanding parent, and Active Families, for parents who wish to train alongside their children! For fathers with older youth we offer a program called Active Relationships for Young Adults (A.R.Y.A.) for the youth –while fathers take the Active Adults course in parallel!

Both A.R.Y.A. and Active Adults are widely utilized and are offered in secular, Spanish, Christian. Active Families is offered in secular, Spanish, Christian and military versions.

Programs including Children

ARC is proud to present two programs for whole families: Active Families and Active Military Families. The goal of these programs is to teach each member of the family to develop skills and learn tools to have healthy relationships. Both programs have been designed to keep the entire family together so everybody can learn these valuable skills and tools at the same time!

Our family programs include fun activities and games that follow the presentations for each chapter. Each helps build stronger bonds between parents/caregivers and their children.

Practice together, learn together, and play together!

Military Fathers

Fatherhood is a mighty role, especially for military fathers who face big demands including relocation, deployments and reintegration after periods of geographical separation. Military members with children know the challenges dads and their families encounter and the importance of skills that foster the fantastic father-child relationship.

ARC has years of experience working directly with military members and their families. After all, it is not just the military member who is in the service; it’s a family affair. Military families include every shape and size: dads and children, dads and moms and children or dads and caregivers and children.

It is our goal to give our military members the best tools possible for living well, finding solutions, managing emotional triggers, parenting in patience and developing positive communication. We have two great programs to benefit military dads: (1) Active Military Life & Resiliency Skills (for adults only), and (2) Active Military Families (for dads and children).

Welcome military dads!


Incarceration places a tremendous amount of stress on families. Sometimes it is a challenge maintaining, recreating or creating new bonds when reintegrating. Learning important life skills will help individuals improve their relationships with the people in their lives. These life skills include conflict resolution, anger management, managing emotional triggers, reintegration following incarceration and many other important skills.

ARC programs have been utilized in incarcerated settings such as California Institute for Men (Chino State Prison), Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, and County Detention Centers. These programs have proven to be very effective. Inmates have praised the program, and officials have reported being impressed with the results.

If you have a question about how we may serve you , feel free to call us at 214.369.5717 or

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