ARC Training Programs (Curricula)

ARC training programs are used by county, state and federal agencies, churches, schools and the military to enhance individual life skills, personal communications, work and family relationships and even on-the-job performance. Most of our courses contain multiple modules, and can be customized to meet the exact needs of your audience.

An example of this flexibility is our popular Mastery Series, combining three curricula into one program. We also offer a more efficient way to gain certification for your team with our "2-for-1" Certification Event, detailed below.

We encourage organizations to contact us to discuss their specific training needs. While most audiences indicate training is more effective in person, we are experienced at providing our training virtually as well. Professional certification training is available either way. Call or email us to get started building your training plan.

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Bring a cost-inclusive training to your organization with our “2-for-1” Facilitator Certification Training & Client Workshop

ARC offers an exciting, cost-efficient way to certify facilitators while also conducting a live event for your clients. It works so well that it has become a preferred certification method. Although each training may vary depending on your organization’s specific needs, here is how our 2-for-1 generally works:

  • Part A: A pre-event leader brief (usually one day for certification candidates only) to explain the basics of theory and practice
  • Part B: The live workshop/training with your clients. We present the program, your facilitator-candidates observe and at times may take part in activities (usually two-three days)
  • Part C: A debrief of the event and final teaching points (usually a half day or less), then conferring certification

Your team gets to learn the material and witness how the program really works. Doing it this way answers many questions and increases confidence in implementation. It is also an efficient way to serve your clients while also increasing critical mass of your support team.  To find out more and to start planning, just give us a call!

ESTIMATED COST: $23,000 + Materials for up to 10 facilitators-in-training and 30 clients, includes:

  • Fees for 2 Master Trainers for 4 days (1 day pre-event leader brief, 2 days client workshop, 1 day leader de-brief)
  • Travel Fees for Master Trainers within the Continental US. Outside the 48 states, we will provide a quote for additional expenses
  • Estimated materials cost is $3,635 (additional), including Leader Materials for up to 10 facilitators and materials for 30 clients

Facilitator Certification Trainings We Offer

The Mastery Series

The Mastery Series is composed of 3 distinct blocks, which can be run independently or in a series, for your clients who are Individuals or Couples. This facilitator certification training includes all three of these blocks:

Active Communication for Exceptional Relationships (4-6 hours)

Learn tools and skills to increase mutual understanding and promote accurate, thoughtful exchanges with higher quality communications.

Active Mindfulness for Healthy Emotions (4-6 hours)

Discover the importance of specific emotions and build high-level emotion management and resiliency skills. Learn key skills to thrive in life by taking power over emotions on behalf of logical and healthy choices.

Active Negotiation for Effective Resolutions (4-6 hours)

Gain important tools for effective resolutions and learn the art of diplomacy.

Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills (AMLRS)

Develop resiliency and further competency through use of effective skills and tools for professional and personal excellence. This is a modular program with 24 topics to mix and match for the exact agenda/amount of time available to fit your Individual or Couple-clients' needs.

Active Choices for Happy, Healthy Relationships

Determine the best choices in life to fit your beliefs and values. Discover new ways of thinking about what is most important in a relationship and what can work best for you. For Individuals, Dating or Engaged Couples (12-16 hours).

Active Romance for Lasting Love

Take a light-hearted path to keep love strong! This course takes a healthy look at romance, while allowing a safe environment to discuss preferences, beliefs and attitudes. It examines important topics that assist couples in building or maintaining closeness, compassion, understanding and increased enthusiasm for one another. For Couples (8-14 hours).

Active Money Personalities

Discover your money personalities and build financial well-being. Learn skills for creating, establishing and sticking with a budget. Active Money Personalities is intended to enhance successful financial attitudes for all. For Couples (8-14 hours).

Active Relationships for Young Adults

Learn life skills for healthy relationships and wise choices. Gain important skills and key tools for happiness and success in life! For Youth 12-18 years old (12-24 hours).

Active Adults

Build resilience, emotional intelligence and learn effective tools to achieve a healthy, happy personal life and career! Active Adults includes topics from communication skills, conflict resolution, emotion management, making budgets, wise choices for friends, dating and marriage, to recognizing personal strengths and future planning. For Individuals (12-24 hours).

Active Families

Build communication skills, including the healthy and safe expression of emotions, diplomacy and respect, positive thinking, and planning together as a family team. Best suited for families (including caregivers) with young children (elementary age) through teens. Sessions include experiential games designed to increase family bonds and individual skills for life. There is also a version focused on the unique challenges for Military families. For Families ( 7-12 hours).

ARC A.R.R.I.V.E. for First Responders

Build mindfulness, resilience, confidence and readiness through key skills and tools that enhance individual and team strengths. ARC A.R.R.I.V.E. also addresses practical interventions for burnout or potential relational fallout, enabling First Responders to maintain their own behavioral health throughout the challenges of disaster response. For Individuals (8-24 hours).