Active Relationships Curricula

Yes. Any professional military training (including ARC Strong Bonds Level One Trainings), certifies you in the secular or Christian edition of Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills. You will not have to seek additional certification to use the Christian program, Active Christian Military Life and Resiliency Skills.
Yes. Active Relationships for Young Adults and Active Relationships for Young Christian Adults are for youth 13 – 19. For more information, visit our youth page.
Yes. Most of our courses and leader’s guides are designed so that each facilitator may rearrange or remove modules (within some parameters due to content continuity). The course may be tailored to fit the audience’s needs!

Regarding Facilitator Certification

Yes. To retain your certification, you are required to teach at least ONE Active Relationships class per year (of any of the ARC programs in which you are certified). ARC records indicate when facilitators are teaching via communication with our offices and book-orders for classes. When orders are placed with ARC, the name of the facilitator who is teaching the class is required (since books are not sold to the public or to non-certified ARC facilitators). If you are part of an installation or part of an organization using our curricula, simply email us and let us know.
No. But stay in touch with ARC headquarters for program updates and reviews! Teach at least one class per year. Your contact with ARC and book order(s) keeps you on our list of “active” facilitators.

Regarding Products and Materials

Yes. It is against the copyright laws to duplicate materials from ARC. Each couple or each participant should have a participant book to keep.
ARC offers a variety of different curricula, and the cost of books varies. Please view our price list to see the cost of books for the curriculum in which you are interested.
All prices include standard shipping. There is an extra charge for rush orders. The amount depends on the weight of the items, the delivery location and when the items are needed.
Go to to order or call toll free: 877.724.7789.
Email: with questions.
No. Each book ordered comes with the appropriate cards. The cards (teaching aids) are copyright protected materials and may not be reproduced.

Retreats or Classes for Youth, Singles, Premarrieds, Couples or Families:

Yes! Several organizations have chosen to bring ARC master trainers to present to clients and allow trainee facilitators to attend the seminar to receive certification in the program – A two-for-one (client event and leadership training)! In this Seminar/Training, personnel who will be trained to become facilitators of a curricula train with the Master Trainers before the actual seminar, then attend the seminar with agency clients, and then meet again with the ARC Master Trainers after the seminar to debrief and review important program points or ask questions about the curriculum.
Yes! ARC’s professional trainings can be customized (within limits) to include several curricula in one training event. Please contact our office to inquire about which curricula can be combined, time requirements and cost of trainings.

To ask a question that has not been listed above, please email:

Yes! Master Trainers travel abroad frequently.

To ask a question that has not been listed above, please email:

Facilitator Ongoing Support

Active Relationships offers extraordinary Facilitator Support at no cost to our network of facilitators worldwide. Facilitator support includes:

  • A Master Trainer regularly available to answer your questions about everything from certification and recruitment to implementation.
  • Webinars dedicated to answering questions, providing ideas for facilitators’ best practices of subject matter and for program fidelity, quality assurance and mission success for your organization.
  • A “Facilitator Support” website available only to the Active Relationships facilitator network that provides communication to and from other Active Relationships certified professionals to share ideas, best practices and solutions to project challenges.

If you have a question about how we may serve you , feel free to call us at 877.724.7789 or

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