Active Military Life & Resiliency Skills (AML&RS) Participant Manual


Active Military Life & Resiliency Skills is designed for singles and/or couples. AML&RS is a flexible, modular resilience and readiness course with 24 topics that can be adjusted to focus on what matters most to the audience at any stage of their military career. It contains activities for groups of single members, unaccompanied military members and for spouse groups.

To be eligible to purchase these materials, you must be certified in this course.



Some of the topics in the course:

  • Communication and conflict resolution skills
  • The value of family members’ roles that are staying behind
  • Mindfulness, Depression and Family Safety
  • Money management and respect for roles
  • Anger and emotion management
  • Post-traumatic stress and TBI research
  • Wise choices for a committed relationship
  • Building healthy relationships and keeping marriages strong