Active Adults


Active Adults is 12 units, each with A and B sessions. It includes topics ranging from communication skills, conflict resolution, emotion management making budgets, wise choices for friends, dating and marriage, recognizing personal strengths and future planning. Sessions include experiential activities. Authored by Kelly Simpson, MA, LMFT

It is a companion program to Active Relationships for Young Adults (ARYA).


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Fatherhood Programs, Federal Grantees, Head Start Programs, Incarcerated Programs, Non-Profit Organizations, Parental Involvement, Refugee, Resettlement Communities, Single parents, Singles

Leader Guide

Shares Leader Guide with it's companion program for youth (ARYA)

Training DVD

Shares Training DVDs with it's companion program for youth (ARYA)

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YES *Purchasers may choose from the complete text OR the Exercises Only Workbook (not both)

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