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Welcome to the Support/Forum.
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  • Files to Download (additional handouts for each curricula-type, PowerPoint presentations for some curricula presentations, handouts for the S.M.A.R.T. conflict resolution process and many other items)

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  • ARC Videos that are videos of actual trainings by master trainers to be used solely by facilitators before an event as a refresher about subject matter and exercises in the curriculum in which you have been trained (*These videos should not be played in front of attendees!)
  • Push-and-Play Videos that can be streamed to your attendees, allowing you to moderate the group on parts of various subject matter rather than facilitating an entire training solo. (*We recommend doing this rarely and as needed, not as a substitute facilitator for you for the whole retreat!)
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Please refrain from posting anything offensive in nature. The discussions are monitored and each post is screened to ensure helpful and relevant content to support our facilitators in their service mission.

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