Welcome to the Facilitators-Only site!

Welcome! The Active Relationships Team looks forward to your use of this “Facilitators-Only” site to support your mission and service to individuals, couples and families.

Why this Facilitators Only site is significant to you as a facilitator: Here you’ll find-

  • ARC Videos that are videos of actual trainings by master trainers to be used solely by facilitators before an event as a refresher about subject matter and exercises in the curriculum in which you have been trained (*These videos should not be played in front of attendees!)
  • Push-and-Play Videos that can be streamed to your attendees, allowing you to moderate the group on parts of various subject matter rather than facilitating an entire training solo. (*We recommend doing this rarely and as needed, not as a substitute facilitator for you for the whole retreat!)
  • PowerPoint Presentations for the singles and couples classes. These are downloadable and editable so that you can shape your unique presentation to become the presentation you desire. Feel free to add relevant content, rework or subtract slides that do not fit your presentation.  
  • Printable Pages of additional exercises and updated material that may have been added to or changed in the curriculum since you received your facilitator training.
  • Support/Forum where you can ask questions and exchange ideas read about lessons learned and tips from fellow facilitators and trainers and view trainer blogs.

Because this portion of our website is for use only by already-certified ARC facilitators, a unique password issued by the ARC I.T. team is required to enter.

To obtain a password to enter the Facilitators Only site:

Contact: Admin@ActiveRelationships.com to request a user account that will be set up by the ARC IT team. Your user account will be set up and a password emailed to you within 48 business hours. Please provide the following information at the time you request your password including the place and year you were certified and the entity that sponsored your training (example: Army, Air National Guard, Department of Justice, Air Force etc.)

Contact: Admin@ActiveRelationships.com

Subject line of email: request password as facilitator
Approximate date of certification:
City/Place of certification:
Sponsoring Entity of certification:

If you have been trained in 2018 or later, you were probably issued a password at the time of your certification or immediately following, but if you no longer have it, feel free to contact us and we will re-issue a password to you.

If you have any questions contact us:

Call us: 214.369.5717

Email us at: Admin@ActiveRelationships.com