Mastery Series Suite (4-Day Training) for Couples and Individuals

4-day training suite. Meets daily from 0900-1800 CST. Two certifications. Modular courses can be matched according to audience needs. Days 1 & 2 focus on skills for individual military members (singles or geographically separated individuals) and days 3 & 4 focuses on couples. Essential skills for Communication, Mindfulness and Effective Negotiation. Also includes modules on Unconscious Bias, Emotion Management (including domestic abuse prevention), Money Management, PTSD/TBI, Predictors/Skills for relationship success, and the Biology of Love for stronger bond. See description for participant materials available in hard copy or virtual format.


  • Virtual Instructor Certification Course (VICC) for Mastery Series
    • Active Communication for Exceptional Relationships
    • Active Mindfulness for Healthy Emotions
    • Active Negotiation for Effective Resolutions
  • Training on additional modules specific to couples
  • Training on additional modules specific to individuals
  • PDF of Training Workbook for all 3 blocks
  • PDF of Participant Books for each block
  • PDF of Leaders Guides for each block
  • Hard-copy of AMLRS Leaders Guide (containing all 24 modules) to be shipped after completion of the VICC
  • Facilitator Support as needed