Mastery Series 3-Day Training for Couples and Individuals

3-day course. Meets daily from 0900-1800. Certification to facilitate classes for couples and individuals. Essential skills in three blocks of instruction (1) Effective Communication, (2) Mindfulness and (3) Negotiation. Practical exercises for couples to increase connections and relationship health. Includes tools for clear safe Communication, Emotion Management, Conflict Resolution, and for celebrating Strengths.


  • Virtual Instructor Certification Course (VICC) for Mastery Series
    • Active Communication for Exceptional Relationships
    • Active Mindfulness for Healthy Emotions
    • Active Negotiation for Effective Resolutions
  • PDF of Training Workbook for all 3 blocks
  • PDF of Participant Books for each block
  • PDF of Leaders Guides for each block
  • Hard-copy of AMLRS Leaders Guide (to be shipped after completion of the VICC
  • Facilitator Support as needed