Active Romance For Lasting Love

This is a unique and important course to build or maintain closeness. 2-day course. Meets daily from 0900-1800 CST. A light-hearted path through important topics assisting couples in building or maintaining closeness, compassion, understanding and increased enthusiasm for one another. Builds safety for couples to create a common language to address likes, dislikes, beliefs and other intimate topics with a positive attitude. Includes information about Affection Styles, Romantic Chemistry, Romantic Triggers, Safety/Security, Commitment and recognition of one another’s importance. Help couples remember the importance of playfulness and finding the joy in each other!
SKU: PR403
  • Virtual Instructor Certification Course (VICC) for Active Romance
  • PDF of Training Workbook for Active Romance
  • PDF of Participant Book for Active Romance
  • PDF of Leaders Guides for Active Romance
  • Hard-copy Active Romance Leader Guide to be shipped after completion of the VICC
  • Facilitator Support as needed