Active Choices For Singles, Dating, Premaritals, Individuals or Couples

2-day course. Meets daily from 0900-1800. Intended audience individuals, dating or engaged couples seeking to make healthy choices and foster skills for great long-term committed relationships. Ideas for parenting, co-parenting, blended families, and skills for co-parenting when being together is not an option. Topics include the qualities of healthy relationships (what works), relationship phases and stages, expectations of responsibilities, beliefs about marriage, successful communication, emotion management and conflict resolution, money management/teamwork, extended family expectations, blended families, healthy co-parenting when marriage is not an option, responsibilities toward children, wise choices in friends and dating and maintaining love and intimacy. Sessions include assessments, discussions, and experiential activities.


  • Virtual Instructor Certification Course (VICC) for Active Choices
  • PDF of Training Workbook for Active Choices
  • PDF of Participant Book for Active Choices
  • PDF of Leader Guide
  • Hard-copy of Active Choices Leader Guide to be shipped after completion of the VICC
  • Facilitator Support as needed

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Price is per Trainee