Kelly Simpson, CEO

Kelly Simpson


Author of Active Relationships programs and C.E.O. of ARC, Kelly Simpson is nationally recognized for her work promoting relationship and life skills. Curricula authored include skills for positive thinking, emotion management, conflict resolution, goal-setting and wise choices.

Simpson also founded two thriving community-based entities (the Hispanic Active Relationships Project in the Rio Grande Valley) and ANTHEM in Dallas, Texas. These entities have achieved national acclaim and best practices awards since 2006. Through her service and mentoring of organizations in the field, she and colleagues and have directly served over 20 thousand youth, couples and families with relationship/life-skills education.

From a military family, Simpson has a particular interest in service to military members and their family members. She and a team of ARC master trainers continue to serve the Department of Defense through professional certification trainings for military leadership and through skills education for troops and their loved ones. Her curriculum “Active Military Life Skills” is one of only 12 approved programs for military singles, couples and families utilized worldwide through the Office of Chief of Chaplains “Strong Bonds” Initiative.

An author, professional trainer and consultant, Simpson has been featured on NBC Nightly News, FOX News, CBS, and NPR; and in media including The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, The Dallas Morning News. She attained her M.A. in Psychology from Southern Methodist University and completed post-graduate work in Marriage and Family Therapy at Southwest Family Institute earning her Texas M.F.T. license. She conducted mediation and emergency studies for Dallas County District Courts and maintained a private counseling practice serving individuals, couples and youth for 10 years prior to authoring the first ARC curriculum.

Simpson is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and an active member of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Her career of origin was as an educator of the deaf. She served as a K-12 certified special education teacher of with a Bachelor of Science degree attained under the school of Communication- audiology, speech pathology and education of the deaf.

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