About ARC

Mission Statement

We develop relationship skills curricula, train facilitators and teach classes for singles, couples, families and youth to promote personal growth, healthy relationships and success in the workplace.

ARC’s History

Active Relationships Center began as a counseling center and later developed curricula and began to offer facilitator trainings and educational classes directly for singles, couples, youth and families.

ARC initiated the Alliance for North Texas Healthy and Effective Marriages Healthy Marriage Initiative in Dallas, Texas and also piloted the Hispanic Active Relationships Project in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. ARC successfully obtained federal grants from the Compassion Capital Fund and DHHS’s Office of Family Assistance on behalf of relationship wellness skills in Texas, in both Dallas County and Cameron County.

Military Family Retreats with ARC

ARC is honored to work closely with the United States Armed Forces

Military family retreats were initiated in 2003. Since 2003, ARC has conducted retreats and certification trainings for the Army, Air Force, Guard and Reserves. ARC conducts training and retreats worldwide (Pacific, Europe, Asia, and Continental United States). Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills and Active Military Families programs are an approved curriculum for the Army Strong Bonds mission.

Other significant ARC work include:

  • Technical assistance, facilitator trainings, and retreats for refugee communities across the United States.
  • Trainings for various YWCA organizations, middle schools and high schools
  • Training for various faith-based organizations
  • Trainings for various federal grantees and non-profit organizations

ARC offers retreats for singles, couples, youth and families

ARC also offers professional trainings to provide facilitators to present retreats directly for singles, couples, youth and families. ARC also offers you the opportunity to became a part of our training team and become a Master Trainer. Contact our offices for more information.

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Communities We Serve


We work alongside chaplains, family readiness, spouse groups and family advocacy personnel to serve military members and families. More

School / Youth

The ARC YOUTH programs are for Teen Pregnancy prevention and in detention centers to enhance emotion management and wise choices. More


Our goal is to assist fathers in building strong bonds with their children through play and enjoyable time together. More


Our Christian programs are more than just scripture added in. They are written through the Christian lens with prayer and scripture in the forefront. More

Head Start

We are pleased to have served Head Start communities since 2004 through professional certification trainings for staff and volunteer parents and through relationship skills retreats for caregivers and families. More


ARC is thrilled to lead the Hispanic/Latino Active Relationships Project (HARP) grant in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. More

Incarcerated & Re Entry

The need to understand the tools for making peace and to gain knowledge of healthy skills for emotion management and wise choices is paramount to all community members. More


About Our CEO

Kelly Simpson

Author of Active Relationships programs and C.E.O. of ARC, Kelly Simpson is nationally recognized for her work promoting relationship and life skills. Curricula authored include skills for positive thinking, emotion management, conflict resolution, goal-setting and wise choices.

HUB Designation

ARC gained HUB certification in 2006. As a woman-owned small business, Active Relationships Center is committed to giving back to its community. Our mission is to enhance life skills, improve communication, and strengthen families.

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